Well, hello dear reader!

This might be a sensitive topic to some but anyways..

Today I’ll be talking about God, how he’s viewed and his nature seeing as I’ve never seen him and no one I know actually has so I’ll try my best here.

So, I was inspired by this movie ‘Heaven Is Real’. In this movie a little boy suffers from appendicitis (a raptured appendix) and while in the operating room he goes to heaven! Now I know that’s everyone’s dream and wish that when they die they end up in the legendary land of milk and honey with cherubs singing and an overwhelming sense of peace, but this is what actually what the boy sees. He says it in such a childlike way to his dad, that I believed him from the instant he started speaking. Anyways, in this same movie I learned that our concept of God is derived from how we perceive our earthly fathers and our feelings about them.

Somehow I actually believe this is true, after alot of thinking I realised the same way I talked to my dad is the same way I talk to God. Like when the politicians bore me and I complain to dad about how greedy they are blah blah blah, is the same way how I complain to God when I flunk my exams or when things don’t go too well for me. Now I hope that God doesn’t have the same reaction as my dad which is….. Laughing or going into a long explanation of how we gained independence (which by the way is a very funny story for another day:-D)

But for those who had daddies with issues (daddy issues) or none at all I feel for you cause I don’t think God fits in that way but gladly we have the Bible which gives a more clearer view(Matt.7:7). So that’s kind of one way of viewing God, I wasn’t going to go into a long narrative of the concept of God but maybe someday I’ll try. So think about it, what if God treats us exactly the same way as our earthly fathers??


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