We live in a world full of prejudice and racism and finding true friends is not only rare but impossible. People these days choose friends based on physical beauty, wealth , and popularity. It’s seen in almost all ages, young and old. From experience I have learned that these days it’s hard to differentiate friends from foes because they basically act the same way.

I luckily have been blessed by two wonderful friends who I feel I can talk to anytime. I have endured a lot of broken hearts and friendships from the past and it has made it quite hard for me to open up but I’m learning this a step at a time .

So how do you know whether you have true friends or snakes that will stab you the moment you turn your back:

i) They love you unconditionalyTrue friends love you and support you through trying times and happy times. They are quick to celebrate when you succeed and cry with you when you’re down.

ii) They correct you when wrong- Real friends don’t watch you walk through fire they pull you away from it and if you insist on walking through they go with you.

iii) They help you make major decisions about your life- including boyfriends ,schools , clothes (so you don’t end up loooking like a crow) and any other decision you consider major in your life.

And so many eg. : Partying, traveling, Chilling etc.

This doesn’t mean you have to be completely alike , you can be two totally different personalities but at the end of the day you know distance nor time can break what you guys have, maybe you don’t talk or everyday or meet up every other weekend but deep down you know that’s my friend, that’s my real friend .

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