Being heartbroken is not the worst feeling ever… Having to experience it again and again in the shortest period ever, is. It’s a feeling that claws at your heart and roughly pulls it and all you can feel is the shock of such immense pain,

and the shock of you’re feelings and you try to fight and you try to stomp the pain… But there’s nothing you can do or undo…. It’s an empty space… The feeling is like falling, falling, falling but you never land and the tears never stop… And you look at what hurt you and you wonder how such sweet face could turn into the most cruel savage animal you’ve ever known and how he could not feel the hurt after inflicting hurt… But you finally land… On the ground and you wish it would all end… And if given the chance how you could turn back the hands of time… But you can’t and as that’s how the flicker of hope is blown off… You cry your empty heart out… You cry, cry, cry until you are not sure whether it’s dark or whether you’ve blacked out… And wouldn’t it better to not wake up… At all….

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