I would get my umbrella back. Yes, I lost my umbrella, my beautiful small maroon umbrella. Just the day before I was canoodling it, telling it it was the best thing that ever happened to me in this rainy season, how without it my life would be soaked and drenched and my heart would be surrounded by a cold pit of whizzes and sneezes, I would be nothing but a shell of coughs. Then poof!

The next day it’s gone, just like that, no goodbye, no last memories together, just a broken heart.

It’s actually a really funny story though, at least I think it’s funny. I was heading towards a KBS bus, the ones along commercial and I was among the first to board just seconds after the previous one left. So I sat down, and leaned my umbrella against the bus. I did my business on my phone and 8 minutes later I had arrived. Looking up, I saw my supervisor and in my excitement to alight with him I forgot my umbrella 😢 Just minutes into the office I realized what had happened and that’s where the drama started…

Like a madwoman I rushed out, crossed the Mombasa Road like a chicken was on the other side of the road trying to flag down other KBS buses. I was almost in tears. The worst thing being I had been told I would lose that umbrella. There was no way I was going to prove that person right.

I got into a bus explained to them my ‘mzigo’ dilemma ( who would say they were sobbing for an umbrella) and they promised to drop to a bus stop where I would be able to ‘check’ the buses and locate it. Filled with hope I quickly wiped my tears and waited. I even was strong enough to text my beau about what happened.

So here I was at the Roundabout just waiting for a blue bus with three dark stripes. Weee, sema kuchomwa na jua. And it was just 10. I was devastated. How was I supposed to know which bus I had boarded? Furthermore, how sure was I that I would find it? It was the needle in the haystack saying… Literally.

So the first KBS bus came stopped, I ran to it asked the passengers who had been dropped off if they still had the receipts, because I knew the freight number of my bus and surprise surprise they had thrown them away 🙄. The second one came, the ‘makanga’ and when I tried to ask if I had left a maroon umbrella inside, the makanga screamed at me that it was not the one. I was on the verge of a meltdown.

It was until a passerby if there was a possibility that I would fnd and in the most gentle and honest way he could he told it would be best to forget it. That was the tipping point, he was barely gone before I started crying. Yes, that’s how much I was attached to this umbrella. I asked God why would he do this, I prayed for a miracle, I wished that somebody just came recognised me from the bus and gave me my umbrella. But no, that was not to happen.

In the end, completely defeated and dispirited I just told Him that if he thought I was going to stop loving him by taking my umbrella he was truly mistaken. I told Him probably someone else needed it more than I did and that I have left this situation to him.And at that moment an intense peace just came over me and I went back to work.

The problem is, it hasn’t rained ever since that fateful Wednesday so I am not sure how the thief is using it… But anyways it was the moments that I’ll always remember my sherie. I will miss you.

So what’s the point of this article? Is it to tell you about the importance of leaving everything to a higher power? Is it to talk about loss? No matter how small the loss? Is it to inspire someone else? To make someone else laugh? To console myself? At this point I really don’t know.

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