A few weeks ago two things happened, both so completely different, mutually exclusive and totally unrelated that improved my life. One was unsparingly painful while the other brought sounds of longing memories to my ears. Funny how life works.

I suffered from canker sores during the beginning of May. Those things are the worst. They are small, round, white injured tissue that occurs on the surface of the gum or the inside of the cheek. According to Wikipedia, they are caused by an injury to the mouth either from ‘vigorous tooth brushing, dental work, braces or dentures, or a sports accident. Acidic foods, including citrus fruits, may cause or make them worse’. You wonder how they improved my life? Eh? Those small little sores made my dietary life a living hell. I could not eat or drink anything except swallow my own saliva. I fixed appetizing meals but could only eat with my eyes. I guess I could now relate to Diamond. For two weeks, this went on and boy was I cranky. My face was fixed in an immovable and hideous grimace, and I was bent on remaining so till they were healed.

So while I was busy moping around, I accidentally found Smooth 105.5,and the speakers blared “Bended Knee” by Boyz to Men. I am a huge fan of old classics – anyone who has met me will tell you that. So imagine my joy in finding out there’s a station other than Classic 105 that chimes old tunes. Do you know that feeling when you are broke then you find some 10 shilling coins in your jumper pocket? Or when you are sure you’ve finished the last biscuit in the packet but then discover two more pieces remain? That’s exactly how I felt. I was elated.

A soft bass crooned “Smooth 105.5” then proceeded to play Whitney’s “I Will Always Love you.” I was in paradise! I sat down with a big smile on my face, the first one in a couple of days and there and then made a decision to try it out. On the first day the channel was spot on with its songs. I was busy doing my laundry and for the first time ever I washed, rinsed and hang them without pausing to rest. However I was greatly disappointed to hear a presenter from my already favorite channel.

The next day after doing some visual research, I realized that Smooth had replaced X Fm. The latter used to be a rock music channel. I rarely listened to it because I never understood the purpose of that genre. Presumably because my introduction to Rock was kohl lined men, with black bandanas, screaming at the top of their lungs unintelligible words. Or at least that’s how I was acquainted. Now I can’t imagine being depressed and low, then listening to rock music. I already have an annoying little voice in my head that I don’t understand. Some days it speaks Italian, other days Spanish, Mandarin, whatever language it picks up from any foreign movies I watch. Seriously, I do.

Now you remember why I have an aversion to Classic. It’s still an issue to me. And once I detest something it’s pretty difficult for me to repeal. Hehe #repeal 162. I have no idea why I wrote that, it just came out, I swear. Anyways, since then it’s been troublesome to find a station that I can listen to continuous uninterrupted music until now. And minus the news bulletin and the presenters, this channel would be a 10. And it doesn’t just play the 70s and 80s classics – it plays everything noteworthy of listening to. Keyword noteworthy, because honestly it’s really hard to find real sensible and applicable to real life music. I am not saying that these songs aren’t expressive of real life but can you apply it in your own life? I don’t know of anyone who has sex in the backseat everyday while the top’s down. And I know lots of people who don’t make “dollars” but make a lot of sense.

While I was test – listening, my memories wandered to Nation Fm. And I wonder what happened to that channel. Things were happening before my very ears that I couldn’t explain. First presenters were vanishing, then the name was being changed from Easy to Nation , a name that it previously held during times of Angela Angwenyi. Then it became a pure music station. And not just any music – RnB music. It was really good while it lasted. During those times of the month where I was always surly and saucy, Nation Fm gave me unparalleled company. And I will be forever grateful. Anyone knows what happened? I bet you know somebody who knows somebody who is related to someone who worked there.

Anyhow, in the next few days that followed, I faithfully tuned in to get the feel of the channel. I didn’t want to commit that quickly. I hadn’t heard of it before so that meant something. However surprisingly as I was commuting through Mombasa road, heading to town, I saw a huge billboard with a purple canvas and cursive letters on it. And it was right there, in front of me. I doubt anyone traveling on that road could miss it. Unless you’re one of those very focused tribe of people who don’t avert their eyes to anything other than the road before you. Kudos to you. So at least it gave me a glimpse of its character (ie the radio station). I presume she is a busty middle-aged lady who while suffering her midlife crisis, decided to try her hand in the music craft, and simultaneously discovered that she could sing like a diva. I loved her and I prayed that she would never get away. Oh! How I prayed whilst looking earnestly into her eyes.

So out of 10,it’s a 7. By now you already know why two points were deducted. I deducted one point because, one Friday evening Classic played a rhumba tune and a minute later Smooth was playing the same tune. Si hio ni krimino? 😉

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